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About Study Online English

Welcome to Study Online English. Whether you are learning English for your profession, as a student to increase your employment choices after you graduate or just have an interest in the English language, you are in the right place! Study Online specialises in online English conversation classes and IELTS exam preparation and is designed to get you the results you want in no time.

Study Online understands that the ability to communicate in English adds so much value to a person’s life in many different ways. It enables you to:

  • Study at top universities around the world,
  • Advance in your career, helping you to aspire to better jobs and better pay,
  • Do business with international business,
  • Travel almost anywhere in the world and make friends,
  • Maybe even fall in love.

If you are a parent, you know English can be the most important gift to enable your child’s success.

Why Study Online English?

Study Online asks you what you want. The lessons are personalised towards your goals and needs. Study Online offers flexibility and professional teaching with a qualified native British English teacher  in the comfort of your own home, office or even in a café. Best of all, the lessons focus on what you want: “to speak and understand English.” It’s up to you how much you participate, you can sit back and listen or talk and participate as much as you like.

About the teacher

My name is Amy, the creator of Study Online English. I am a qualified  English language teacher as well as a certified Cambridge University IELTS teacher and an all time  language lover. I love to teach and have had a lot of experience teaching young learners and adults English.

I am a compassionate teacher who understands and listens to student’s goals, needs and unique interests. When a student has any problems using English I positively assist them in solving their difficulties.

I am very proud to say that all my students are reaching success in their respective goals.

Fun Facts about me:

Fun Fact #1

I live in Spain. My family and I moved here when I was 14. I learnt Spanish in a local Spanish school without any previous knowledge of the language. This means I have experience in learning a new language in much the same way as you are learning fact one copy

Fun Fact #2  

I love to chat. I can talk about anything to fact 2

Fun Fact #3  

I like to travel whenever I can. I love to go on unplanned fact 3

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