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Hobby and Exercise Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal verbs help people sound more fluent when speaking English, especially in the English speaking exams!


Here is the transcript of the lesson and links with the explanations of the phrasal verbs. Enjoy!

  • Hi, this is Amy from Study Online English. Today I’m going to teach you some phrasal verbs that you can use to talk about exercise, or to talk about a hobby.
  • So, at the moment I’m on my way to the gym to try out a new class. So, Try Out means to see if I like it. Okay. So you might try out a sport. You might try out tennis, or you might try out yoga, might try out knitting, creative writing, etc.
  • So, you go to the gym to work out. So, to Work Out is to do exercise. So, it could be swimming, tennis, walking in the evening, anything. So, that’s called Working Out.
  • So, when you decide to work out you take up something. So, you Take Up a sport. So, for instance, you would take up running. You could take up aqua-aerobics. So you would say, if someone said, “What have you been doing recently,” you could say, “Oh, I’ve taken up running.” You can also use take up for hobbies. So you could say, “I’ve taken up creative writing.” “I’ve taken up learning English.”
  • So when you go to the gym, and start a class, usually you Warm Up first. So you warm up, which basically means you do easy exercises before you do more intense exercises. Then at the end of class you Cool Down. So you do some stretches. You do some slower movements, breathing exercises, etc. so, warm up and cool down.
  • Next phrasal verb, give up. Give Up basically means to stop doing something. So you might say, “I’ve had to give up running, because I hurt my knee,” or, “I’m going to give up swimming, because I have no time.”
  • I’ve left a description of all the phrasal verbs I’ve spoken about in this lesson below, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. So if you like this video please Like, or Subscribe!
    The Phrasal Verbs:
    Try Out:
    Work Out:
    Take Up:
    Warm Up:
    Cool down:
    Give Up.


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