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How to use also, as well and too?


how to use also, as well and too?

Also, as well and too can be confusing.

The other day I received a WhatsApp from someone and they replied to a message saying : I´ve been busy also.

To me that doesn’t sound very natural. It would sound better to say:  I’ve been busy too or I´ve been busy as well.

I can understand how people find it confusing, so here´s how to use also, as well and too:

They are all adverbs and add additional information.  The only difference is where they are put in a sentence.

As well and too

As well and too are used at the end of a sentence:as well?

  • I love Game of Thrones too!
  • I’m going to the movies as well.
  • I´m tired as well.
  • I´m tired too.


As well is slightly more elegant than too. It is also much more commonly used in speaking than in writing.


Also is normally used before the verb, here´s some examples:also?

  • The hotel also provides umbrellas for their guests.
  • The staff at the hotel also found the umbrellas useful.

You don’t usually use also at the end of a sentence as it doesn’t sound natural.

  • I am going to Emma’s wedding also.
  • I am going to Emma’s wedding too.
  • I am going to Emma’s wedding as well.

Can you notice that the “Emma’s wedding also” doesn’t sound right?

You should say: I am also going to Emma´s wedding.

In this example Also is placed after the verb, that’s because it’s a rule that Also goes after the verb to be and another rule is Also goes after modal verbs (can, must, would, shall, will, should, could, may and might.)

Dan:    I´m really good at playing tennis but I still need lessons.too?

Jane:  I can play tennis but I must also have lessons if I want to improve

(after modal)

Anna: I keep forgetting my keys!

Luke:   Don’t worry, I´m also very forgetful. (Verb to be)

Anna: I´m also tired, maybe that’s why I am forgetting things. (Verb to be)

In short answers to questions

Anna:      I really enjoyed the film.

Luke:       Me also

You don’t put also at the end of a sentence:  it is better to say me too, it sounds more natural.


Too is not only used to add additional information, it is also used to express something in excess:

  • This tomato soup is too salty.
  • This suitcase is too heavy.

Hope you enjoyed the lesson!

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