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When to use Then and Than

A trick to know when to use Then and Thanthen or than

English has a lot of confusing words especially those words that look and sound the similar.

Than and Then are hard to know when to use even for native users!

The trick to know when to use which is easy! Than is for comparisons so if you are not comparing something: use then.

Let’s talk about then.than and then

Then is used when you want to talk about a sequence of events, giving instructions in a step-by-step order or when time is involved the word then is used.

  • Come over this afternoon; I’ll be ready then.
  • If my flight is cancelled then I won’t be able to go to the wedding!
  • When you reach the traffic light then turn left.
  • Wash the dishes then dry them.

Than is used to compare.

  • A lion is more aggressive than a house cat.
  • I prefer biscuits than cake.
  • The Amazon River is wider than the Nile.

Here is a video explaining it all!

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